“What is Socialympus?” Socialympus is a platform used to share wholesome content that brings the world together in a peaceful way. Users can use this platform to communicate through the use of Group Services and Members Chat, provided by the Wix Team of www.wix.com. Whether you are someone who wants to share a funny meme or an artist who just wants to be recognized, Socialympus is the home for you.

           "How did Socialympus get its name?" After spending over a week surfing the internet for unused domain names, at some point I was considering on naming the website after the Greek god of communication, Hermes. I then discovered that there are a number of domains that use Hermes in their domain name. Since I wanted to be original, I then had a thought, "instead of using the god of communication, I will use the area where all the gods hung out." I liked this idea even better, but I still needed to put a twist. I then took the word "social" and fused it with "Mount Olympus," to then create "Socialympus." I had a few other concepts for domain names, but Socialympus stuck out the most. After holding a vote among a few friends, the name stuck. Socialympus became the domain name for a new social site to inhabit the world.